Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I have two free gifts from SHUTTERFLY!

The first two people to leave a comment with their e-mail will get the 2 free gifts! (I don't know what gifts they will be, but they are worth UP to 29.50)

Just leave me a comment and make sure I have your email address!! **YOU MUST FOLLOW ME to enter**

Hurry expires 11/15!


  1. So, do I leave my email in your comments, or do you have it already from me following you? I guess I'll just leave it here to be on the safe side. ;)


    Christina from BPE.

  2. Ok sent! It says I have 2 more! So anyone else???

  3. Melody, your blog is such a great idea! I have it on mine so hopefully you will get a lot more followers.

  4. Thank you! I really appreciate it! If you would like a shutterfly code- give me your email addy!

  5. Ok I sent it! I have one more if anyone wants it.

    What did you girls get??