Monday, November 15, 2010

What's on your kids wish list??

My kids keep adding and adding.. Poor Santa, he is about to be in the poor house. (

So far they wanted/got:

1. Digital camera
2. Pillow pets
3. new uggs (wants)
4. fish tank (wants)
5. guitar (want/got but may take back)
6. Wii (combined gift)
7. Rockband (combined gift- can double as the guitar??)
8 **AMERICAN GIRL DOLL** (want but will get)
9. Wii Games
10 Dsi games
11. AG doll clothing
12. flowers that never die??(BUT NOT FAKE ONES-IMPOSSIBLE)
13. Bunny slippers (cupcake ones will have to do)

That's all I can remember for her.

1. Iron man toy
2. Garbage truck 
3. Fire truck
4. Wii games
5. IXL games
6. Dvd's.
7. any car/truck type toy that looks like *HE* might like it (Ya he wants it!)
8. This V-tech karaoke type toy 
9. pillow pets

That's all I can think of for him.

What about your kids??

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